Long Range Plan Development

To express your interest in one of the task forces below, please complete this form.

AAF-Louisville’s Long Range Plan was developed in order to determine the best strategy for supporting the organization’s strategic objectives. The plan outlines these objectives and the milestones necessary to achieve them. To download a copy of AAF-Louisville’s 3-year plan, just click on the cover image below.

As a part of our efforts, we're organizing four task forces comprised of Board members and members-at-large to oversee the specific areas of development. If you would like to participate in the process, please review the plan, the task forces listed below, and then share your interest with us here. Or if you know of another AAF-Louisville member that would like to get involved, please nominate them and we'll get in touch!


LRP Oversight
2-year commitment
8-10 people
Purpose: guide/lead execution of plan & metrics, Assessment of infrastructure (securing outsources), fund development, additional task forces

ADDY Awards
6-month commitment
8-10 people (all disciplines)
Purpose: assess current awards program and make recommendations to the Board

Ad2 Louisville
1-year commitment
8-10 people (all disciplines)
Purpose: set up mentoring program, seamless transition to AAF, assess Ad2-national alignment

AAF National Alignment
1-year commitment
8-10 people (all disciplines)
Purpose: strategic alignment with AAF National communications, benefits/value, advocacy