Membership Awards


The Betty Stoner Award Barbercheck award
The Betty Stoner Award is named after the first recipient, Betty Stoner, an AAF-Louisville Life Member and volunteer, and was first given at the Annual Membership Meeting on June 16, 2000. This annual award recognizes overall outstanding volunteerism to the club and its endeavors, and is presented at the club's annual meeting. An Awards Committee nominates and picks the individual for this award.

5-Star Member Service Awards
These awards are given for five or more years of extraordinary contribution to the betterment of AAF-Louisville and its ideals. They can be given to more than one person each year and are usually awarded at the annual meeting.

Life Members
Life membership is conferred by the Board of Directors to recognize those persons over age sixty-two who have rendered outstanding service to the club for ten years or longer. They are typically announced at the Annual Meeting.

Silver Medal Award
The American Advertising Federation's Silver Medal Award program recognizes men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry's standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern. This award is not necessarily given every year. During the year when it is given, it is traditionally awarded on the night of the Louie Gala for maximum recognition among peers. Call (502) 895-2500 for an application.

Fischer LOYLouisvillian of the Year Award
This award is bestowed annually and selected by a jury of past recipients, which is headed up by the previous year's recipient. It is presented at an AAF-Louisville meeting specifically designated for this award. The award, first given in 1951, publicly recognizes generous personal contributions to the life of the community in the areas of civic, educational or business progress in recent years. This award is for someone whose contribution is above and beyond the responsibility of his or her chosen profession.