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10 Self Branding Ideas Trends on LinkedIn

By: Christen Kitchell, V.P. Sales at LocalView

Have you seen how active your colleagues have been on LinkedIn? You see their names in your news feed, their positive messages on someone’s profile, or their pictures listed under similar connections. By now you know it is time to use LinkedIn to grow your own brand. Building your digital presence on a SEO strong site like LinkedIn will bring long term benefits for not only your company but your career. Here are some trending tips:

1. Do Favors!

Take the time to provide an endorsement or write a testimonial for your colleagues, business partners, and customers. Do it for good karma and do it to build your brand and business network.

2. Raise the bar.

Your company and your team should all have a strong LinkedIn profile with branded content. Take the time to make sure your team is marketing themselves properly.

3. Participate as an industry expert.

If you have industry specific knowledge share it with a user group by posting news feeds, news articles, or contribute to a discussion. By joining a group you are also giving members access to message you directly with questions and comments.

4. Embrace the news feed.

LinkedIn users who write or share articles of value stay top of mind. But, LinkedIn users who take the time to read the news feed find insider information. LinkedIn will tell you when a connect has a new jobs, work anniversary, or new connection. Promote your partners, follow trends, and get involved marketing your brand.

5. Be creative.

By improving your profile you are helping your network know how they can work with you. Some new enhancements LinkedIn enabled includes the ability to post presentations through Slideshare, hyperlinks, and videos.

6. Be a connector.

Help people in your network get to know one another. Use the Introduction tool to get or try the Share profile tool.

7. Become the “go-to” person.

When you see a job posted that might meet the needs of a colleague be sure to forward it along. The LinkedIn job board is a great place to find a job.

8. Be accessible.

If you want to be accessible make sure all your contact information is up-to-date. This includes everything from links to your website, company twitter page, or email.

9. Cross promote yourself.

Try embedding a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature. Try the WiseStamp application in the Google Store if you need help.

10. Stay connected.

Send message through LinkedIn, stay connected!


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