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Please use the form below to post a new job to the AAF-Louisville Job Shop. All submissions will need to be approved by the office before they appear.

Here are the formal "rules" of the playground:

  • Once you submit a job opening or a request to post an RFP, AAF-Louisville headquarters will be notified and your post will be reviewed to ensure that it's appropriate for our site. (We won't fix typos so take care with what you submit!) We ask that you only post positions that are related to our industry (i.e. this is not the place to look for that next great magician).
  • Your information will be posted here pending approval and will remain active for 30 days unless you ask it to be removed earlier.
  • Not an AAF-Louisville member? Beginning October 2015 your posts will cost $100.00. Why? Because you obviously value our organization or you wouldn't be on our site - so join already! Otherwise, please fill out your submission form with payment information for your post to be approved.
  • If you use this site often (and everyone does) then joining can provide you unlimited job posts that will remain on the site for 60 days as well as space for longer descriptions.