Atria Resident Wisdom Brand Campaign

"Atria Resident Wisdom Brand Campaign"

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Silver Award (Local)

Silver Award (Local)

Year: 2016
Tier: Louisville
Competition: Professional

Submission Content:

CATEGORY: Cross Platform > Integrated Campaigns > 70 – Integrated Advertising Campaigns > 70D – Consumer Campaign-National

For the most part, advertising for the senior living category has done a poor job of portraying the oldest old people in a real way; that is, a way that lets us see them for the individuals they are, and have always been, first – before we even notice their age. Instead, we usually see older people either defined by their perceived frailty or in fabricated, exaggerated situations.

To better align the depiction of older adults with the reality we know from 20 years’ experience serving them, Atria commissioned renowned portrait photographer Mark Seliger to capture the personalities of our extraordinary residents. The story shared by these images is not one of people who have been “put away” and are riding out the clock; rather, it is one of vibrant, fascinating people with ideas, energy, humor and wisdom. People who are still making a difference in our world.

We have integrated these portraits into a variety of media and contexts, including print and digital advertising, point of sale, direct mail, customer communications, social media – even framed large-format portraits with accompanying biographies located in conference rooms throughout our corporate headquarters.

We seek not just to elevate our brand, but to lead the way in redefining what independence and successful aging looks like. By creating this forum for our residents, we seek to give older people everywhere a greater voice.

Creative Team:
Regan Atkinson | Executive Creative Director
Brian Garr | Creative Director
Hilary Braun | Lead Copywriter
Russ Goodlin | Art Director
Aaron Higginbotham | Art Director
Steve Morgan | Copywriter
Julie Smead | Copywriter
Nick Ress | Interactive Designer
Katy Miller | Account Executive
Kacey Roby | Digital Content Manager
Zach McClave | Account Executive
Sherry Chaudoin | Creative Services Manager

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