KY Tourism MegaViewer

"KY Tourism MegaViewer"

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Client: Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet

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Gold Award (Local)

Gold Award (Local)

Year: 2018
Tier: Louisville
Competition: Professional
Silver Award (District)

Silver Award (District)

Year: 2018
Tier: AAF District 5
Competition: Professional

Submission Content:

CATEGORY: Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media > Ambient Media > 25 – Installations > 25A – Single Installation

Creative Team:
Mark Rosenthal | Creative Director
Trace Conn | Creative Director
Andy Vucinich | Chief Creative Officer
Jacob Taylor, CivitasNow | Founder and CEO
Frankie Pellegrini | Art Director
Zach Wardlaw | Art Director
Thom Little | Head of Integrated Production
Bryan Waddell, CivitasNow | COO
Graham, CivitasNow | Creative Director
Corey Poches, CivitasNow | Strategic Partnerships Director
Lauren Eckles, CivitasNow | Field Activation Director

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