Ad 2 Public Service Project

What is the Public Service Project?

Ad 2 Louisville is in search of local nonprofit organizations to apply for its inaugural public service campaign – a completely pro bono advertising campaign for a deserving nonprofit. This initiative coincides with Ad 2 affiliates across the nation who donate thousands of dollars in media value and communications services to local nonprofits in need of exposure.

The Ad 2 team will work with the selected nonprofit to gather an understanding of its goals in order to execute a fully integrated marketing campaign that includes elements such as social media, public relations, creative efforts, and traditional advertising. This will consist of a well-developed strategic marketing plan with varied deliverables such as social media, print advertising, digital collateral and marketing efforts, branding and logo creation, and earned media/public relations efforts.

The Ad 2 Louisville team will present the results during the Ad 2 Public Service Advertising Competition, competing against other affiliates’ campaigns. Participating clubs submit a written report about their campaign, followed by an oral presentation at ADMERICA, AAF’s National Conference, next summer. Industry judges evaluate the campaigns, and the Ad 2 chapter that wins the Public Service Competition gets to present its campaign to all attendees at the AAF National Conference.

Application Process

Applicants must be exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c)(3) or a similar sect of the USIR code and be able to provide a copy of their IRS determination letter and proof of 501(c)(3) certification. We cannot accept applications from religious or political organizations.

Following the application process, Ad 2 Louisville’s board of directors will interview applicants and select a well-deserving organization as the recipient of this project. Louisville area nonprofit organizations have until Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, to apply for this opportunity.

Ad 2 Louisville has complete discretion over the selection process and is not obligated to reveal internal selection qualifications or process with applicants or a selected nonprofit.

Applicants consent to all deliverables, performance data, or other aspects of the campaign to be shared with Ad 2 Public Service Advertising Competition, ADMERICA, AAF’s National Conference, and other uses by AAF-Louisville and Ad 2 Louisville.

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