Hot 10 Awards

Hot 10 Awards

The Hot 10 Awards, presented by AAF-Louisville, in conjunction with Ad 2 Louisville, recognize those advertising and marketing professionals under 32 in the Louisville industry that go beyond the 8-to-5 workday in big and small ways. Maybe they come in early or leave work late, or maybe they show knowledge and experience well beyond their years in the industry. Maybe they are the go-to problem solvers, go-getters, or are always there to volunteer their time. Either way, be sure to nominate these people and give them a chance at the recognition you know they deserve! Please note that this is not a membership award and we welcome new faces in the industry! 

Nominations are accepted through mid-May and winners are announced at our Annual Awards Evening & Membership Meeting this summer.


2021 Nominations are closed.

Once someone has been nominated, they will be forwarded the Hot 10 application and must submit the application by the deadline. So the sooner you nominate them, the more time they have to complete their application! After the submission deadline, the judging process begins with a panel of AAF-Louisville Past Presidents (who do not work at any of the companies where a nominee comes from) evaluating and scoring the applications.

Online Nomination Form