Ad 2 Committees

If you’re interested in joining Ad 2 and would like to be an active chair member under our board please send us a message on our Facebook page or email us at and we’ll be sure to reach out to you. The board meets every other month to discuss upcoming events and overall planning for the year. Each year, new board members and committee chairs are picked to ensure leadership opportunities are available to all that are interested.

Communications & Social Media

2021-2022 Communications & Social Media Director:
Tristin Schifferdecker, Priceweber

Committee Goals:

  • Manage internal and external club communications, including email newsletters, press releases, media advisories, and social media platforms
  • Coordinate with all committees for communications and social media needs



2021-2022 Creative Director:
Maddie Pierce, Priceweber

Committee Goals:

  • Develop creative to be used on social media and email newsletters
  • Coordinate with all committees for event collateral needs
  • Create Ad 2 Brand Book, outlining club graphic standards, guidelines, and templates



2021-2022 Education Chair:
Alexis Bennett, Applied Botanics

Committee Goals:

  • Connect with local college students and other student organizations to create awareness of Ad 2 Louisville and build membership
  • Plan career fair or symposium
  • Coordinate with membership committee to grow Ad 2 roster


Happy Hour

2021-2022 Happy Hour Chair:
Tressa Dunaway, Applied Botanics

Committee Goals:

  • Plan and implement bi-monthly networking events, securing location and additional opportunities
  • Coordinate with sponsorship, communications, and social media committees, as well as membership for annual mid-year event



2021-2022 Membership Chair:
Marissa Olson, Humana

Committee Goals:

  • Attend events to build relationships with Ad 2 and AAF non-members
  • Coordinate with Happy Hour Committee to plan and implement annual mid-year membership event, securing location, refreshments, giveaways and other opportunities



2021-2022 Programs Chair:
Alexis Bennett, Applied Botanics

Committee Goals:

  • Plan and implement S#!t You Should Know, a career development program series covering topics like how to ask for a raise or promotion, build your personal brand, handle conflict in the workplace, etc.
  • Host 3-4 events per club year
  • Coordinate with sponsorship, communications and social media committees


Public Service

2021-2022 Public Service Chair:
Alexis Bennett, Applied Botanics

Committee Goals:

  • Plan public service opportunities for Ad 2 board
  • Option to adopt an organization for entire club year, donating board’s time, and advertising and communications skills, to create and execute a complete strategic marketing plan tailored to the organization’s goals


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