Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Promoting Diversity in Advertising

Advertising got better because of diversity.

In our club, promoting diversity in advertising isn’t about which stock photo you use in your client’s marketing piece. It’s about creating an advertising community and workforce that’s diverse in every sense of the word.

Our goal is to promote inclusiveness and fairness throughout the marketing and advertising process – from employment and career advancement to competition and compensation for creative services and media buys. We are working to increase the ad industry’s pace and investment in multicultural marketing and workplace diversity to help our community compete in a global marketplace.

On a national level, the AAF hosts multicultural marketing conferences, provides research on industry diversity and multicultural marketing practices, corporate scholarship, intern and educational outreach programs, and issue forums for lawmakers.

Locally, AAF-Louisville provides programs that educate our membership, community, and students about the opportunities in advertising that they may have once thought out of reach. We host seminars and provide scholarships that prepare the industry’s future leaders so they recognize the importance of a diversified workforce and multicultural marketing’s impact on a company’s bottom line.


Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The AAF-Louisville Diversity & Inclusion Committee is a group of PR, marketing club members who support diversity and inclusion among club members, its activities, events and the community. The Committee will recruit people of all colors, gender, ethnic backgrounds including LGBT and physically challenged individuals. Join this committee and together we can make a difference for our club by increasing diversity and inclusion within the advertising profession for both the club and the industry.

Looking for Diversity and Inclusion resources? Visit our resource page curated by the AAF-Louisville Diversity Committee.


  • Increase diversity within the profession at both the club and institution levels
  • Serve as a resource on issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion
  • Ignite and foster social conversation on culturally legit advertising campaigns
  • Increase AAF-Louisville awareness among local minority populations


  • The AAF-Louisville Diversity & Inclusion Committee is in need of people who can help connect the club with diverse populations through their own involvement with these groups, the community and the local media.