Education Committee

Education Committee

Mission Statement: AAF-Louisville’s Education Committee strives to deliver public support for the marketing communications industry. This includes our members and potential members from executives to young professionals to students, and is achieved by building relationships and cultivating programs with area high schools, colleges, and universities.


  • Build and maintain successful relationships with educators and students to sustain educational outreach with area high schools, colleges, and universities
  • Increased participation in the high school marketing challenge
  • Promotion of AAF scholarships leading to an increase in qualified applicants


  • Members with ideography and video editing experience
  • Members with event planning and promotion experience
  • Members with affiliations or contacts at local schools and universities
  • Communications liaison to work directly with the Communications Committee
  • Anyone enthusiastic about educational advancement within the advertising industry


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Education Foundation Scholarships

AAF-Louisville is dedicated to the vibrancy and diversity of the advertising profession, and many of our programs and initiatives are focused on these goals. Each year, AAF-Louisville awards two $2,500 scholarships for students pursuing careers in an advertising-related field, with one specifically dedicated to minority students. The Bud Ballard and Diversity scholarships are supported by an endowment fund established several years ago, and are sustained through continued fundraising and donations.

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High School Marketing Challenge

For 18 years, AAF-Louisville has hosted a creative competition for high school students to learn more about what makes great marketing and advertising. Teams of high school students are charged with developing a marketing solution to a stated advertising challenge. The teams’ primary goal is to develop creative and effective ways to reach and inform the target audience about the issue, all the while ensuring that the creative elements of the campaign are based on research and thoughtful decision-making.

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