Government & Industry Relations Committee

Protecting & Promoting the Advertising Industry

Nobody’s going to look out for us but us.

Together, AAF and AAF-Louisville effectively protect your ability to work in our industry on a daily basis free from government intrusion or excessive taxation. AAF knows that lawmakers listen most closely to the voters in their own states and districts. As advertisers and marketers, nobody can speak for us better than we speak for ourselves. The American Advertising Federation gives us the tools, the resources, the opportunity and the ability to most effectively represent advertising.

When we say we’re here to “Protect and promote the advertising industry on all levels,” that means educating policymakers, the news media and the general public on the value that advertising brings to the well-being of the nation, including generating economic activity and creating jobs in every state and market in the nation. We do this by advocating for advertising as free speech protected by the First Amendment, and, as the Supreme Court has said, an important source of information for consumers.

From grassroots activities to lobbying on Capitol Hill, we do what it takes to protect advertisers everywhere through our nationwide network of advertising professionals. Together we have defeated taxes on advertising in Congress and more than half of the states. We regularly help stop over-reaching bills that unreasonably limit how or when an advertiser can truthfully and responsibly communicate with consumers. As a member of AAF-Louisville you will have a voice in Washington, DC, and access to regular legislative and government alerts.


Government & Industry Relations Committee

The Government & Industry Relations Committee strives to build relationships with valuable industry partners and educate AAF members on important legislative issues. By joining the committee you play an integral role on our team, enhance your resume and most importantly…have fun! We’ll meet monthly, or as needed, and will not take any more of your valuable time as needed to get the job done!


  • Educate key business and government leaders on the value that our industry brings to the community.
  • Serve as an informative hub to our members on legislative issues pertaining to our industry.
  • Increase awareness of value that advocacy brings to our members.


  • We are looking for individuals who are not afraid to reach out to key business leaders. We’ll reach out to them for exclusive event invites, requests for information or speaking roles and to simply educate them on our goals and needs. We are also looking for individuals to help research current legislative topics, sit in on national conference calls and to report back to the communication committee to better educate our members on key topics.


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