Programs Committee

Educating the Advertising Industry

Advertising. Alive and well. And still fun.

Is there any other business, any other industry, where work and play so productively coexist? We think not.

AAF-Louisville offers multiple educational and professional development programs and seminars to educate members on the latest trends in leadership, technology, creativity, and marketing. We bring in the advertising industry’s thought leaders from top agencies and brands to keep our members current on what’s new—and what’s next in the advertising industry. We also feature local speakers to present advertising and marketing topics that are impactful in the Louisville community.

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Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is an opportunity for a diverse group of professionals to create events throughout the club year that will help educate, inspire and entertain various members of our community. We want to bring the best in our industry to the table and share their experiences, insights and what the future of our industry holds. By joining this group you will be part of the trendsetters and taste-makers in the world of advertising. You will be able to network with many different fragments of our community and share those best practices with your peers, mentors and friends! Join Programs and be part of the cool kids!


  • Develop the programming for Professional Development Series
  • Analyze and possibly restructure the National Speaker Series
  • Identify diverse topics and speakers, that are on trend and engaging to a wide cross-section of AAF-Louisville members and the rest of the ad community
  • Make sure we’re unique to our industry, educational to the industry, relevant, fun and profitable!


  • Members who are energetic
  • Various segments of the industry (media, agency, creative, sales, independents, content creators)
  • Various years of experience
  • From various communities / life journeys
  • Collaborative, connected and engaged
  • Fun, funny, and fabulous!