Public Service Media Project

As members of the advertising community, the American Advertising Federation-Louisville is in a unique position to help bring awareness to causes that make Louisville strong. Each year, through our Public Service Media Project, we promote a local nonprofit and help them achieve their goals.

The Public Service Media Project provides a local nonprofit organization with an exceptional opportunity to maximize their media budget at a minimum 3-to-1 return on investment.

Depending on marketing objectives, existing creative and budget, AAF-Louisville will be able to assist with media placement in the following mediums: local spot & cable; outdoor; magazines; newspapers; radio; traffic reports and digital media. Placement does not include the development of the assets that will run in the media procured.

To help you learn more about the program, we have included answers to frequently asked questions below. Qualifying nonprofit organizations may apply to participate in the AAF-Louisville Public Service Media Project by completing the online application. For additional information or questions about the program, email or call (502) 895-2500.

Deadline to apply is December 15, 2018.

Online Application


Who is AAF-Louisville?
Since 1908, AAF-Louisville has been active in the Louisville communications industry, bringing advertising, public relations and sales & marketing professionals together to build networks and create business solutions.

Members contribute their time to; advertising standards programs, local economic development, business education, government relations, college educational programs, industry related awards, and many other activities that positively impact the Louisville-area business climate.

What is the AAF-Louisville Public Service Media Project (PSMP) program?
AAF-Louisville strives to promote the public good by coordinating with its membership to provide donated or discounted advertising services to other qualifying non-profit organizations, ideally at a 3-to-1 return as to the reasonable market value of advertising services provided versus fees paid.

Who may apply for the AAF-Louisville Public Service Media Project program?
AAF-Louisville accepts applications from 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 corporations, and other qualifying non-profit agencies. In order for AAF-Louisville PSMP to guarantee a 3:1 ROI on all media investments made within the program, participation is limited to a single non-profit partner per year, with the ability to participate once every five years.

What is the minimum investment to participate in the program?
With a minimum investment of $8,000, AAF-Louisville will assist your organization to secure media that supports your campaign objectives for 6-12 months.

How do we track return on investment?
AAF-Louisville will assist in securing media schedules, tracking reports and post-campaign affidavits upon the conclusion of your campaign.

Can you work with our in-house marketing department and/or agency of record?
The AAF-Louisville Public Service Media Project planning team will communicate with your designated marketing team and/or agency of record to keep them apprised of media availability and schedules, production specifications, and material delivery deadlines. If you do not currently have an in-house marketing department or agency of record, the PSMP team can connect you with one of our partnered agencies who will assist you in creating marketing materials that can be used for PSMP. However, there may be additional costs incurred to produce the materials pending evaluation and availability of donated vendor services.

What types of media can I expect from this program?
Media vary based on available donations but include:

  • TV spots
  • Radio spots
  • Vinyl billboards for outdoor media
  • Various sized print ads
  • Various sized digital ads
  • Cinema advertising
  • Other creative materials as needed

What is the duration of the partnership agreement?
Terms of the agreement vary depending on your media budget and/or seasonality of media placement but will never exceed 12 months. Depending on your investment and marketing campaign objectives, AAF-Louisville will deliver a 6 or 12-month media plan.

When does the contract period begin?
Following an introductory meeting to explore your marketing objectives, a contract agreement that outlines AAF-Louisville’s role in securing media to meet the objectives outlined by your organization will be delivered. The contract period begins immediately upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit (see below).

What are the payment terms for facilitating the agreement?
Client payment is divided into two installments, with $2,000 towards the financial commitment due upon contract acceptance. Final payment is due when all media is secured and passed along to the client. Invoices are payable and due upon receipt.

What if we have to cancel the agreement?
The agreement may be terminated by either party with thirty (30) days advance notification, made in writing. Notification must occur prior to media donations being secured. The client remains obligated to make any installment payment to AAF-Louisville that is scheduled less than 30 days after the date of notice of termination. If the client cancels, the $2,000 fee will be forfeited, however if AAF-Louisville terminates the agreement the $2,000 deposit will be refunded.

What are the program limitations?
All ads are run on an as-available basis with our media partners. Organizations may not request the time or scheduling of placed media.


Kat Gentner
2018-2019 Executive Committee VP, Public Service
Owner, Graphic Facilitator, K@alyst Creative

Megan Hurt
2018-2019 Public Service Media Project Chair
Media Buyer/Planner, Bandy Carroll Hellige

Lauren Beckley
Executive Director, AAF-Louisville

Allison Deely
Operations Manager, AAF-Louisville