Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator




Fieldtrip is seeking an Account Coordinator who will work alongside their Supervisor while overseeing the details of creative projects, managing deadlines, and keeping internal work moving forward.



The Account Coordinator will work alongside their Supervisor while overseeing the details of creative projects, manage deadlines, and keeping internal work moving forward. They will accompany their manager in meetings and interactions with clients, helping to make working with Fieldtrip the best part of their day. An intentional career path is outlined to progress from Account Coordinator to Account Manager to Account Executive to Account Supervisor with mastery of each position requiring two or more years in each level before advancing. This position reports to the Account Supervisor. The job comes with a starting salary range of $40,000 to $45,000 and generous perks and benefits, including flexible time off, medical insurance, parental leave, and work from home days.

Fieldtrip is a branding, web and advertising agency. Led by boundless curiosity, Fieldtrip is a cause-driven agency that amplifies nonprofits and the impact they make. We dig in deep, and develop meaningful solutions to support both you, and those you support. Our niche is nonprofit organizations where people are the focus. We strive to Do Good.

➔ Assist assigned account team with client communication, advertising deliverables, production of creative materials, scheduling, and approvals
➔ Ensure projects proceed according to plan and deadlines, engaging their Supervisor to potential problems before they occur
➔ Input and maintain client work in agency systems
➔ Proofread copy, artwork, marketing briefs, print collateral
➔ Manage multiple projects in various stages of work with the ability to prioritize and proactively problem solve
➔ Audit vendor invoices, and assist in client billing and reporting
➔ Be familiar with client metrics including sales data and trends
➔ Explore client brands, industries, competitors, and emerging trends
➔ Assist with business development and research
➔ Assist in the preparation of presentations, follow-up materials, and correspondence
➔ Push self and others to improve, innovate, and optimize agency work product and skills

Required Skills
➔ Strategic Thinking - Listen, learn and connect the dots to maximize the benefit of your skills to the client
➔ Leadership - Delegate tasks, maximize productivity and help to drive an engaged team
➔ Negotiation - Identify client needs and work to find the optimal solution based on campaign and other factors
➔ Analytical - Help to identify Key Performance Indicators for a campaign and assist in the creation of data-driven plans
➔ Self-Learner - Learn with a passion
➔ Team Builder - Work side-by-side with the client teams, as well as the rest of the account service team, to drive the best results for each project

➔ Education - Bachelor’s degree in related field, or 2+ years in a relevant field
➔ Located in Louisville or willing to travel to Louisville at least 2 days per week

Our Values - What are we looking for in you?

● You are eager to learn and continually seek out the “Why?”
● You are willing and excited to step out of your comfort zone.
● You immerse yourself in the clients' fields, and in our own, then push the limits of both.
● You learn from and teach others.
● You take an innovative approach to your work, no matter your specialty.

● You elevate our clients, our company, and our community.
● You always keep the end goals in mind.
● You effectively prioritize both your professional and personal tasks and needs.
● You deliver meaningful, and lasting results.

● You dream big, and take the initiative, responsibility, and action to get there.
● You seize the opportunity to invest in our future, and the future of Fieldtrip.
● You put others first, and care about their success as much as your own.
● You care deeply and inspire others with your passion and drive.
● You challenge assumptions and complacency.

● You are clear and open with your clients and your peers, even when difficult.
● You stay true to who you are, and stand up for what you believe in.
● You communicate internally and externally with honesty and respect.
● You listen to others and are open to feedback no matter how challenging.
● You are honest when a mistake is made, or help is needed.

How to Apply
Send a resume and the answer to the following question to If you were going to start your own nonprofit, what would it be and why?

Email Resume: