Print Producer

Print Producer




Responsible for managing the print production process from start to finish across a variety of brands, ensuring the finest print quality is achieved within budget and timeline.Your role will liaise with AM, PM, and creative to push ideas into final production.



Print Producer (July 2022)

As an agency Print Producer, you are responsible for managing the print production process from start to finish across a variety of brands, ensuring the finest print quality is achieved within budget and timeline. Your role will liaise with account management, project management and creative teams to push client ideas and materials into final production. A successful Print Producer creates and maintains relationships with a diverse partnership network of qualified photographers, illustrators and production vendors while handling multiple projects on tight deadlines.

Day-to-day responsibilities of a Print Producer include:

  • Purchase, fulfill, coordinate, produce and traffic point-of-sale displays, direct mail, newspaper and magazine ads, and out-of-home materials.
  • Develop specs for project bids and review bids for legal compliance.
  • Negotiate and hire illustrators/artists and purchase usage rights for existing art.
  • Maintain knowledge of national and international postage and shipping regulations.
  • Manage independent contractor agreements, W-9 forms and tax exemption forms.
  • Procure and manage stock photography and font licenses.
  • Create and assign metadata library files for campaign assets.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of industry trends.
  • Deliver expert technical knowledge and support to key Account Managers throughout the project life cycle, from initial design briefing through final execution.
  • Oversee print partners to ensure consistent and high-quality print results.

  • Produce small and large photography shoots.
  • Identify and compare qualified photographers and submit bids in partnership with internal team.
  • Negotiate and manage talent and property negotiations and contracts.
  • Manage talent, property and photography releases and usage terms.
  • Account for the success of a shoot from start to finish while on set.

  • At least five years of experience as a Producer in an advertising agency with thorough understanding of graphics, manufacturing procedures and production processes.
  • Proven track record of building and maintaining solid relationships.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Top-notch negotiator capable of ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Adaptable problem solver willing to shift as needed to manage simultaneous projects.
  • Detail-oriented, proactive and comfortable managing a high volume of projects that have unique lifecycles and aggressive deadlines.
  • Reside in or be willing to relocate to the Louisville, KY area.

About Louisville:
Our hometown since 1915 was recently dubbed “the new Austin.” We’re not sure what that means, but we’ll take it as a compliment. We like to think of Louisville as the place where Southern hospitality begins but Midwestern common sense and practicality stick around. It’s a blend of the best of both cultures. And speaking of culture, we’ve long been known for having one of the country’s most dynamic art scenes. Over the past decade, our food scene has caught up – with Louisville becoming recognized as one of the leaders in the farm-to-table movement. Oh, and did we mention bourbon? Mix in with a low cost of living and an ease of getting around. Stir well. Enjoy.

About Doe-Anderson:
You know the cliché about a company being “like a family?” Well, sometimes clichés become clichés because they’re true. In the case of Doe-Anderson, you would be joining an organization that’s been nurturing careers (and the people attached to them) for well over a century. We like to think it’s because you can carve your own path here, supported by management and your peers. We try hard to keep the corporate politics to a minimum and the self-reliance to the max. That may be why almost half our employees are shareholders in the company – and why people tend to stick around nearly three times the ad agency average. There’s something about the place that makes it hard to leave.

At Doe-Anderson, we have a long history of creating work that, well, works. To do this, we strive to reflect the world we live in and speak to every day. Building belief in brands begins with believing in and celebrating one another as individual members of a diverse and inclusive team.

We will never disqualify a potential team member based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, or veteran or disability status.

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