Project Manager

Project Manager



LEAP is seeking a Project Manager who is a strong and confident communicator with excellent organization skills.



To be a successful Project Manager at LEAP, you need to be a strong and confident communicator with excellent organization skills. An ideal candidate likes being part of a team and shines in problem solving situations where organization and creativity are required. You must be tactical in juggling a variety of portfolios and task requests while also being able to manage resources to maintain a steady flow of work. You must be equipped to plan projects, be strategic in making necessary adjustments, and be analytical in assessing results. You need to know when to roll up your sleeves to help get the job done and when to take a step back to assess the best approach. Team members look to the Project Manager for advice and direction.

Project Managers work closely with creative, strategy and tech teams to produce amazing integrated products. Project Managers can consistently manage the details; client expectations, schedules, budgets, assets and scopes'organization and an uncanny attention to detail are essential. They make analytical decisions and find solutions quickly and with confidence.

The Project Manager ensures proper financial and progress forecasting is being done for all projects assigned. They provide insights on process improvements and/or resources and tools available to the agency and ensure that the standard workflow and processes are properly followed and implemented. Like any member of the PMO, they own the information by knowing their projects inside and out.


  • Define task vision and direction
  • Understand and analyze portfolio needs and how requested changes will affect them
  • Manage retainer, program and project scope and/or budget
  • Mitigate risk using meticulous planning and documentation
  • Effectively communicate deliverable expectations
  • Analyze and document schedules using standard PMO Processes + Tools
  • Facilitate project team meetings
  • Remove project roadblocks
  • Execute project and status reports for efficiency
  • Handle multiple portfolios simultaneously
  • Facilitate collaboration and team progression
  • Oversee quality assurance testing of submitted tasks
  • Assist with company-wide process documentation and work with PMO to define and implement improvements


  • BA/BS
  • 1-3 years previous project management experience.
  • Previous Digital/Advertising Agency experience preferred.
  • Passion for leading teams and exceeding client expectations.
  • Outstanding and proactive written and oral communication skills.
  • High attention to detail and quality.
  • Demonstrated capacity for developing and understanding strategy.
  • Outstanding organizational and analytical skills.
  • Passion for new technologies and marketing.
  • Previous experience with Project Management Software is a plus.
  • Passion for maintenance and portfolio management.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
At LEAP Group, we believe our employees are our greatest assets, and included amongst those employees are many bright and talented individuals. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive culture where the thoughts and ideas of all LEAP Group employees are valued, appreciated and respected. We are committed to leading by example and to maintaining a fair and inclusive work environment built on mutual respect and integrity. The objective is for all employees to have the opportunity to develop and achieve leadership, innovation and expertise.

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