Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager




Doe-Anderson is looking for a Senior Account Manager to oversee the development of integrated marketing campaigns and serve as the primary contact for clients.




As a senior account manager, you are responsible for overseeing the development of strategically sound and fiscally responsible integrated marketing campaigns. As the primary point person for a client, you will ensure your Brand Team (comprised of media, creative and strategy leads) is running forward in perfect harmony. You will work across our agency to tap into functional experts and harness their talents when and where appropriate.

Desired Skills:

  • Relationship builder. You must enjoy building a deep understanding of our client’s business and possess an empathy for their objectives. In doing so, you will be able to identify their true needs. Most critical, you should be adept at anticipating those needs before they do. As a good partner, you will build a foundation of trust that leads to additional opportunities for us to work together.

  • Critical thinking. This role is not about fulfilling orders, it’s about providing value-added counsel. You will need to ensure you’re bringing the intelligence and insights of the agency to bear so we help them address their real needs.

  • Persuasiveness. Often, the objective is not to just bring the right answer, it’s to make sure we are compelling in communicating why that answer is the right one. You will need to be able to articulate and present a sound case for why we think what we think.

  • Comfort working in the “gray area.” No two clients share the same destination, so there’s no single road map to get us there. You’ll need to be adept at creating the perfect with imperfect information.

  • Teamwork. You must enjoy building high-performance teams through communication, inspiration and perspiration. No Senior Account Manager is an island.

  • Required Experience:

  • At least five years of marketing experience of which at least three years should have been spent at an agency.

  • Experience developing integrated marketing campaigns – broadcast, digital, social, print, etc.

  • Experience working alongside media planning experts.

  • Experience managing teams.

  • B.A. degree

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