LG&E Tips Video Campaign

"LG&E Tips Video Campaign"

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Client: LG&E and KU

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Silver Award (Local)

Silver Award (Local)

Year: 2019
Tier: Louisville
Competition: Professional

Submission Content:

CATEGORY: Film, Video, & Sound > Online Film, Video, & Sound > 55 – Internet Commercial > 55B – Online Film, Video & Sound Campaign



Creative Team:
Stephen Childress | Chief Creative Officer
Trace Conn | Sr. Creative Director
Mark Rosenthal | Creative Director
Thom Little | Producer
Ravi Bhatia | Director of Photography
Katie Bially | Editor
Jacob Campbell | Digital Animator
Remington Markham | Digital Animator
Russ Caldwell | Producer
Mark Burson | Provocateur Director
Barry Zeidman | Provocateur Producer
Mark Burson | Provocateur Editor

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