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We would be lost without the hard work of our amazing committees, and they would be lost without volunteers! Check out our committees below and reach out to the chair if you’re interested in getting involved at any point throughout the year. Need help deciding which one is right for you? Just call the AAF-Louisville office and we’ll help – (502) 895-2500.

Ad 2


Ad 2 Committee
We know you are in the Ad biz because you are here, but are you also 32 or under? If so, then Ad 2 needs your help! Ad 2 Louisville helps develop programming specifically for our members who are still early in their careers. You face different challenges and we understand that. Here is your chance to tell us what you need from your membership as a young professional. Is it volunteer opportunities, programs on how to hone your interview skills or just making connections with other professionals like you? Reach out to and let us know!

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American Advertising Awards


American Advertising Awards Committee
A creative competition should be run by creatives! Want to put your stamp on the largest awards competition of its kind? We need your help with everything from the entry process, to judging, to the awards gala. It takes a lot of work, but it will be the most fun you can have while working this hard! If you want to help make the American Advertising Awards THE celebration of the great work being done in our local community, email us at

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Communications Committee
You. Love. This. Industry. Perfect! Then we need your help sharing that passion with our members and the community. The Communications Committee manages all of the organization’s communication mediums from digital and public relations, to banging two rocks together if that is what the message needs! If you can help with copywriting, proofreading, social media, photography, strategy or public relations, let us know by contacting

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Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Do you have a desire to learn and help educate others? Have a passion for bettering advertising? Then you will be the perfect fit for our Diversity & Inclusion Committee! As the Unified Voice of Advertising, it is our responsibility to ensure that the industry promotes diversity and inclusion in everything we do. If you want to help us develop the programs and communications to help further this mission, then reach out to

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Education Committee
How did you decide this was the profession for you? Perhaps it was a teacher, family member, or mentor that helped steer you in the right direction. We want to make sure the next generation of marketing and ad professionals has that same influence so that they know about all of the opportunities the best industry in the world can offer. (We may be bias, but still…it’s true!) We need your help putting on programs that reach high school and college students, as well as the events that raise money to help support the scholarship program. Interested? Email

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Government Relations


Government & Industry Relations Committee
The Government & Industry Relations Committee strives to build relationships with valuable industry partners and educate AAF members on important legislative issues. By joining the committee you play an integral role on our team, enhance your resume and most importantly…have fun! Want to find out more? Email

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Membership Engagement


Membership Committee
Love being a member of AAF-Louisville but wish more of your industry friends were involved? Then you are exactly who we need for the Membership Committee. As a membership organization, our primary focus is to connect with and highlight our great membership, plus look for more people and companies that can further our organization, expand our horizons, and benefit from everything membership has to offer. Are you interested in helping continue the success of AAF-Louisville? Email

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Programs Committee
We need industry folks who can help us educate, inspire and entertain members of our community all through an event! We want to bring the best in our industry to the table and share their experiences, insights, and what the future of our industry holds. By joining the Programs Committee you will be part of the trendsetters and tastemakers in the world of advertising. You will also be able to network with many different segments of our community and share those best practices with your peers, mentors and friends! Sound like you? Contact

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Public Service


Public Service Committee
We know you like advertising, but we also know there are other organizations you are passionate about. Volunteering with the Public Service Committee allows you to network with some of the best in advertising industry AND give back to the community. Through this committee, we want to promote our members who do incredible volunteer work in our community. We will also partner with wonderful non-profits to help them fulfill their missions. Want to learn more about how you can help? Email

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