Membership Engagement Committee

Membership Committee

It all starts with good people. For all the success that AAF-Louisville has had, the underlying currency is good people. I believe that recruiting and retaining not just good people–but great people–is the key to the success for most organizations out there. The AAF-Louisville Membership Committee is no different. In fact, our primary focus is to connect with and highlight our great membership, plus look for more people and companies that can further solidify our organization, expand our horizons, and take advantage of the myriad of benefits offered to them. Are you interested in helping serve on our committee? We would be honored to have you!


  • Increasing membership benefit awareness by consistently and efficiently communicating through various channels. Spotlight member benefit campaigns and national benefits that speak to specific membership groups by leveraging email, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, direct mail, and one-to-one communication.
  • Develop a structured recruitment program. Define the parameters and the communication to effectively target specific potential membership types (educators, students, individuals, corporate members, etc.).
  • Retain and engage current members by regularly highlighting “volunteer spotlight” program recognizing the efforts of our membership. Perhaps focus on a corporate membership only event.


  • Extroverts who are willing to create new opportunities and meet potential members
  • Introverts who can help with policy, structure, detail, and organization
  • Writing skills needed to help communicate benefits to various potential groups.
  • Social media/digital acumen to help strategize how to leverage communication styles and channels