Bisig Impact Group



The Account Director understands the client's needs beyond marketing and looks at the deeper partnership they have with Bisig. They take the leadership role in strategy development and always ensure that it is aligned with client objectives.



The AD is a positive, effective, reliable resource to Bisig's cross-functional support teams. They have the ability to champion ideas, inspire great work, and effectively present and defends Bisig's point of view. And perhaps their most important quality-they know a good idea when they see one.

AD's Responsibilities:
>Day-to-day client contact with emphasis on understanding and communicating strategy thru debriefs, creative briefs, meetings and presentations.
>Extensive knowledge of client industry, competition, culture, business plan and goals.>Strategic knowledge in branding, messaging, design, video production, web, social media, media placement, public relations.
>Marketing plan and program development.>Forecasting, estimation and billing of client portfolio.>Identify sales opportunities within existing client portfolio.
>Assist new business team with new client acquisition.
>Regular client-facing and internal reporting.
>Reports to Chief Managing Officer (CMO)

Key attributes include: outgoing ▪ strategic ▪ big picture-conscious (for both agency & client) ▪ problem-solver ▪ sales-minded ▪ strong written & verbal communicator ▪ instinctively curious ▪ passionate about marketing, communication, and the innovations surrounding them ▪ team-builder ▪ grace under pressure ▪ inspiring

Successful candidates will have a minimum of three to five years agency experience or other highly relevant experience. A thorough understanding of and experience with both traditional and digital marketing (including social media) are required.

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