Account Services Director

Account Services Director




The Account Services Director is the champion and guardian of Client relationships and the team of seven who work on the agency’s front line. The Director eagerly collaborates with leadership to improve key methods and make our agency vision a reality.



United we create.

Account Services. They should really call it Organization, Strategy & Relationship Mastery. Gone are the days of three-martini lunches and letting the client win at golf. (Was that really a thing?) Today, we uncover marketing needs and realize the goals needed to create engagement and growth.

At Fieldtrip, our Account Service team digs deep into complex business problems and develops key branding and marketing strategies to achieve measurable results. We connect the client to the work and insights to creative ideas. The Account Services Director is the champion and guardian of Client relationships and the team of seven who work on the agency’s front line. The Director eagerly collaborates with leadership to improve key methods and make our agency vision a reality. This position reports to the Transformation (Operations) Director.

Fieldtrip is a team of explorers, seekers and brand activators who combine our talents into something bigger than all of us. Together, we turn unreal talent into real results. We are very selective about who we work with and do not settle for anything less than the best talent. Expect us to dig into your experiences through multiple interviews and perhaps an exercise or two. If a stringent hiring process excites you, read on.

Core Responsibilities
● Leadership
○ Inspire and coach the Account Service team and the agency for continuous improvement and professional development
○ Lead by example as you will manage an account or two or more
○ Listen and learn from inside and outside the agency, bringing inspiration to us all
○ Oversee growth and profitability of accounts in part by managing account reviews, estimates, scope definition, change management, and resource allocation
○ Identify best practices and take action to develop new systems, processes, and tools to benefit complex integrated Client work
○ Support business development efforts as needed
○ Contribute talent, passion, and determination to build an agency respected for its creativity and impact

● Client Relationships
○ Cultivate healthy Client relationships that continually build mutual respect and excitement and deliver on our expectation that working with Fieldtrip is the best part of the Client’s day
○ Optimize the quality of the Account Service Team’s input to agency teams and the team’s output to Clients
○ Manage client onboarding and transitions from Business Development or change in Account Service assignment

● Strategy and Planning
○ Build a brand strategy development process that matches our vision and core values
○ Dig to uncover insights and see ideas that do not yet exist
○ Guide brand and project strategies through inspiration and teamwork while cultivating and coaching the Account Services team and agency
○ Produce strategic analysis, insights, and metrics to drive efficiencies, decisions, and results
○ Lead internal and external research for brand discovery, audience definition, channel consumption, trends, threats, and opportunities, resourcing third-party vendors as needed
○ Work with the Project Manager to ensure estimates and scopes of work are realistic, meet deadlines, allow for quality and creativity, and stay on budget
○ Plan account service budget, process recommendations, goals, measurements, and training necessary to provide quality and profitable service

Evaluate Yourself Before We Do
To determine whether your qualifications and experience match our job opening, grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 on the following job requirements. A 5 means you have lots of experience and can point to several examples and testimonies from peers and supervisors. An honest, not a perfect score, is expected.

1. Hold a Bachelor's degree in a relevant marketing field with 5 or more years of experience in marketing agency leadership. _____
2. Have a track record of successfully delivering solutions on a wide range of marketing challenges across industries and brands in both B2B and B2C. _____
3. Proven experience in developing effective brands, programs, recommendations, and strategic marketing plans. _____
4. Able to be flexible with schedule and hours to meet client commitments and travel as needed. _____
5. Ability to work on multiple projects and manage priorities and deadlines while adapting to new situations and changing dynamics. _____
6. Craft persuasive presentations and have the ability to effectively present to large and small groups. _____
7. Exceptional attention to detail and analysis skills. _____
8. Strong creative team player with a positive attitude and work ethic. _____
9. Outstanding ability to think creatively, strategically, and resolve problems. _____
10. Proficient with MS Office and G Suite. _____

Now total your score. Include the score and the answer to this question in your cover letter. What's your theme song — the song that would start playing when you enter a room?

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