Communications Specialist

Communications Specialist

Beargrass Christian Church



The Communications Specialist develops and executes creative integrated communication strategies for the church, and its individual ministries using graphic design, print, web design, social media and video.



Communications Specialist Job Description
This role maintains a big picture of the Beargrass Christian church’s varied ministries and activities. The Communications Specialist develops and executes creative integrated communication strategies for the church, and its individual ministries. This means the integration and coordination of a seamless branding and message across all communication mediums including: websites, social media, print, email, video, graphic design, apps, signage, good old-fashioned spoken words.

This is a proactive role that works with every Beargrass and serves as the person people look to for communication planning and execution. The Communications Specialist embraces the burden of maintaining the brand of the church as well as keeping the team that carries out communication healthy and effective.

• Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Graphic Design, Marketing, Business, or related field.
• 3 years experience in related position.
• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite
• Technologically Adept
• Communication Skills: Someone who is gifted at communicating clearly and effectively. Someone who is a good listener, open to feedback, and not defensive.
• Must be forward-thinking and self-motivated.
Design and Brand Management
• Design and execute communication strategy and branding.
• Ensure consistency in messaging and visuals throughout the church, including any design carried out by other ministry departments.
• Network, partner, assign, develop, and manage graphic design projects, live stream, and video productions with paid and volunteer artists.
• Unify and integrate existing print and electronic publications in visual style and content.

Web and Social Media
• Expand Beargrass’ online presence integrating web, mobile, and social media applications.
• Evaluate and track engagement on all communication channels.
• Creatively build followings on various social media outlets.
• Manage ongoing social media interaction and messaging.
General Communications
• Manage workflow and priorities for graphic design and production.
• Partner with pastors and Specialists of all ministries in developing custom communication strategies.
• Determine most effective communication strategies with concern for return on investment.
• Manage copywriting, content development, and editing for all church communications including: bulletin, website pages, social media, brochures, emails, videos, etc.

Worship Service Communications
• Work closely with the ministers in supporting the worship services through live stream, stories (video), and graphics as related to series branding and ministry promotion.
• Participate in creative planning sessions in developing message series themes, supporting graphics, video, signage and other custom elements.
• Create communication strategies to market, inform, and promote message series and other larger ministry programs and events.

Video Production
• Develop creative process, directing, recruiting, producing, and distributing custom videos.
• Head up story development, storyboarding, scripting and coordinating field shoots.
• Assist Pastors in various video projects as requested

• Other duties as assigned

• 40 hours per week: Sunday – Thursday. Flexible, but centered around an 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. work day to be present with other staff.
• Full benefits package included: sick time, vacation time, health insurance, and contribution to retirement plan.
• Rate based on experience.

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