BCH Agency



BCH – a full-service, branding-driven, advertising and PR agency – is looking for an experienced copywriter to join us on an adventure of concepting and executing work that makes hearts flutter and brands shine.



We’re looking for a creative problem solver who loves coming up with humongous ideas rooted in legit strategic thinking, then communicating them through clean, concise, compelling copy. An impeccable command of the rules of grammar and punctuation is a must – as is a sense on how to break them with style.

At BCH you’ll be writing for some of the region’s most high-profile consumer brands across a variety of mediums; these include broadcast, web, display ads, social, out-of-home, print, radio, blogs – and wherever else there’s an opportunity to tell great stories. We need someone smart, imaginative and collaborative. We are a team-oriented group, so bring your A-game swagger as well as your ability to play well with others. Come be a member of our creative family and let’s build cool stuff.

The skills we’re looking for:

  • Well-reasoned thinking and strategic concepting skills
  • Insatiable curiosity and ability to efficiently research categories, trends and audiences
  • Solid writing chops and storytelling abilities
  • Experience creating engaging social content across IG, FB, TT and Snap
  • Knack for presenting rationale in a clear, engaging way
  • Ability to think critically and empathetically
  • Love for details and organization – and sharp eye for proofreading
  • Broadcast production experience is a plus

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