Multimedia Intern

Multimedia Intern

Leap Frame, LLC



The multimedia intern position at LEAP Frame is a unique opportunity to refine skills in editing and animation. This well-rounded videographer, editor, and animator will support the senior level directors, producers, designers, and animators.



Post-Production Duties:
This supportive role relies on core competencies primarily in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. The multimedia intern will serve as the edit assist maintaining an orderly system of projects, hard drives, and archives. Work with producers to ensure safe travel and logging of raw footage before and after productions. Ensure projects are prepped and ready to edit by senior team members if assigned. Manage final export and delivery to clients per the required specs.

When assigned the multimedia intern will serve as the primary editor or animator on projects. This position will serve under the leadership of the senior editor, director, art director, or producer to execute rough cuts, changes, final cuts, and deliverables for clients.
Film Production Duties:
The multimedia intern should be competent to support in core film production methods including but not limited to: videography, lighting, producing, camera assisting, and gripping. The multimedia position will be the support person to the film studio manager. This function includes but is not limited to: maintaining a clean and organized production studio, keeping gear and cases tidy and clean. Organizing props, wardrobe, and incidentals: black wrap, shiny board, foam core, etc. Maintain battery charging station, keep production shelfs organized and tables clean. This includes supporting the LEAP Cincinnati studio and office garbage systems.

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